Stephen A. Smith condemns the wrong Will Smith over Chris Rock incident

This year’s edition of the Oscar awards stood out by featuring an unscripted live moment during which Will Smith slapped Chris Rock after a tasteless joke targeted at Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Prior to the slap that made Nate Diaz proud, Rock was making a joke about Pinkett-Smith’s bald hairstyle referring to the veteran actress’ role in G.I. Jane 2 wherein she played a female soldier.

Smith was seen laughing at the joke, but when the camera shifted the shot to his wife, she didn’t seem very happy with the joke. This is likely due to the fact she revealed she struggled with a medical condition and was forced to shave her head earlier this year.

Following his wife’s reaction, Smith suddenly walked onto the stage, slapped the comedian in the face, walk away back to his seat, and then, shout “Keep my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth!” to Rock.

The scene stunned everyone in the room, including Rock, who eventually continued his speech on stage.

Reacting to the one-of-a-kind moment in Oscars history, sports TV personality Stephen A. Smith was enraged and slammed the ‘King Richard’ star, claiming the actor has stained the greatest moment of his career.

“If @willsmith seriously did that — and he wins the OSCAR — he just stained the greatest moment of his career. You cannot do that S$&@!!Especially as a BLACK MAN, in that position, to ANOTHER BLACK MAN(@chrisrock) on THAT STAGE. If this was not a joke, Will won’t live this down!!!” Smith wrote on Twitter.

The thing is, Smith, along with thousands of others is targeting the wrong guy.

Instead of targeting the ‘King Richard’ actor, he tagged a random Twitch streamer also named Will Smith.

Twitch Will Smith  went on to troll the Twitter users that attacked him in a series of tweets, before eventually clarifying he’s, in fact, not the actor Will Smith.

Stephen A. Smith went on to delete some of this rant – and instead post a video.


Actor Will Smith left the awards with an Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in the movie King Richard. He also apologized for his behavior afterwards.

Twitch Will Smith’s troll tweet gained over 500 thousand likes and the account itself amassed an enormous number of new followers, thanks to the confusion.

And, as per usual, Stephen A. Smith got to rant about something or someone he doesn’t really understand.