Spectacular Spinning Back Elbow Results in Knockout Victory at Ares FC 17

In a recent ARES Fighting Championship  event, the audience witnessed a breathtaking moment as Aboubakar Younousov executed a vicious spinning back elbow, securing a knockout victory over Moustapha Aida.

The AFC, a renowned mixed martial arts promotion based in France, organized Ares FC 17 on November 17 in Levallois-Perret, France. The card featured a mix of seasoned and emerging athletes, providing intense matchups that captivated combat sports enthusiasts. The highlight of the event was the bantamweight clash between Aboubakar Younousov and Moustapha Aida, competing for the AFC interim bantamweight belt.

From the onset, the bout displayed a back-and-forth battle, with both athletes exchanging fierce blows. The first round concluded without a clear leader, as each fighter showcased moments that nearly concluded the match.

As the action carried into the second round, Younousov appeared to dominate Aida. Despite Aida’s attempts to grapple and bring the fight to the ground, Younousov thwarted his efforts. Aida, resilient, retaliated with knee strikes to Younousov’s head. In a pivotal moment, Younousov executed a lightning-fast spinning back elbow.

Aida, attempting to evade the blow, inadvertently moved into its trajectory. The powerful elbow connected with precision, causing Aida to collapse, knocked out cold on the canvas. Recognizing his opponent’s condition, Younousov refrained from pursuing further strikes and celebrated his triumph.

Referee intervention confirmed Younousov’s victory via second-round knockout, earning him the title of interim bantamweight champion. With this win, Aboubakar Younousov maintained an undefeated record with four victories. Meanwhile, Moustapha Aida, now with a record of 13 wins and 3 losses, looks to make a triumphant return to the win column.

The stunning knockout moment garnered attention on social media, with fans and enthusiasts sharing highlights of Younousov’s spectacular spinning back elbow that secured his victory in impressive fashion.