‘Sober October’ Joe Rogan racks up 75 push-ups during podcast to defeat friends in Fitness challenge

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan is regarded as one of the most prominent personalities in the world due to his hugely successful podcast program.

The podcast host infamously holds a competition with friends and colleagues: Ari Shaffir, Tom Segura, and Bert Kreischer. The foursome competed in a pushup competition on a special “Sober October” edition of “The Joe Rogan Experience.” But in truth, there wasn’t much of a contest since Rogan outperformed everyone else.

Kreischer enquired, “Who do you think could do the most push-ups right now?”

“Definitely me. Whatever you do, I’ll do double. You don’t think I can do 80?” Rogan said after Kreischer told he could do 40 push-ups.

The ‘Sober October’ team would then start having fun together. First to fall was Ari Shaffir, who completed 15 push-ups. Kreischer performed 33 push-ups in all. However, Rogan declared them to be ‘not legit’ since they were all half-push-ups.

Rogan would then do a push-up 75 times in a row to demonstrate to Kreischner how they should be done.

After the accomplishment, Rogan claimed, “I didn’t hurt myself. I was legitimately worried. I was going to go too far.”

Rogan doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The 55-year-old has kept up a high level of fitness despite his senior age, as seen by his most recent accomplishment.

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan has praised Islam Makhachev after Makhachev’s arm-triangle submission victory against Charles Oliveira last weekend in Abu Dhabi.

He said:

“Watching Islam (Makhachev) and Charles Oliveira, that was – what a fight that was. Islam Makhachev must have the most incredible squeeze, his squeeze must be out of this world. Because, you see how quick Charles tapped once he clamped that on him. I mean, whoof.”

“That dude is on another level. I mean, I am – he is the truth. I was always impressed with him, but I mean, I was saying, leading up to him getting a shot at the world title, he’s the boogeyman of that division (lightweight).”