Simple Simon left face down on canvas by Ed Matthews after vicious KO

Matthews entered the ring for the first match in his boxing career to settle his score with Simple Simon. Simon is a rival TikToker with whom he had previously engaged in violent altercations.

Matthews and Simple Simon have been at odds for several years. They finally had the chance to resolve their differences. The two stars had a considerable age difference between them.

Simple Simon was defeated by Ed Matthews in only 48 seconds, ending their lengthy feud.

The younger fighter got off to a better start and firmly established his authority from the first bell. He began to land hard blows. In the first round, he made his breakthrough by sending his opponent sprawled on the ground.

With just a few seconds remaining in the battle, Simon was unable to stop the count. The referee declared a winner. After the final bell, Simon needed medical attention.

In his post-fight address, Matthews thanked the audience and expressed his satisfaction with his performance. He said: “Yeah I am feeling alright fair play to Simon for stepping in and you can’t help but respect that.”

“I knew I would knock him out first round, this isn’t a joke to me I am serious in this boxing game and I love it. I weren’t even thinking about the fight, I am in this game for the long run.”

“F****** Gib come and fight me or Bryce Hall, who is the lucky guy that gets to fight me? I love you all.”

As many had feared, Simon only lasted a few seconds in the first round. He was left lying face down on the canvas. After the match, Simon said, “I didn’t do what I was told and that is what happened.”

“Let’s see how I feel first before I talk about a plan. He came up to me afterwards and shook my hand and as it comes to me it is settled. I am not making any excuses about the fight, he was just better.”