Sean Strickland slams UFC champion Amanda Nunes comparing her to She-hulk video character Blanka

Middleweight contender Sean Strickland has once again made headlines with his controversial opinions, this time directing his criticism towards women in mixed martial arts.

After revealing his quite revolting opinion on the death of amateur mixed martial artist Shalie Lipp, Strickland is back again offering his own brand of advice.

In a recent podcast with UFC standout Chris Curtis, Strickland expressed his disdain for women’s combat sports. He also took a jab at the two-division UFC champion, Amanda Nunes.

During the show, Strickland compared Amanda Nunes to the video game character Blanka in a derogatory manner. Strickland’s comments portrayed Nunes as a physically unattractive and unskilled combatant, equating her appearance to the fictional character’s features.

He said: “Nunes is that big girl right? Brazilian chick, she kind of looks like the thing in Street Fighter. No? A little bit, a little bit… Blanca, the thing with the arms that’s, like, a big forehead. Yeah, she has like multiple arms, dude.”


Strickland went on to claim that women will always play a subordinate role to men in combat sports. He argued that if given a choice between watching two untrained men tussle or two untrained women tussle, the majority of viewers would prefer watching the men.

He went on to say: “If you go on YouTube right now and you have an option between watching two random guys fight and two chicks fight that’ve never trained, are you gonna watch the two a**holes fight who’ve never trained or are you gonna watch the two chicks fight who’ve never trained? You want to see two men fight.”

Furthermore, Strickland attempted to belittle Amanda Nunes’ power. He insinuated that even a smaller male champion could overpower an NFL player, whereas Nunes would supposedly leave no impact on an NFL linebacker.

He said: “I mean, here’s the thing man, there are some great women fights but it’s, like, f**king you know, it’s like you know who’s like even if you take a small champion, a small champion could go f*ck up an NFL player… Now, you take Amanda Nunes, and you have her go fight an NFL linebacker, the linebacker is gonna be like, ‘Did I just feel wind hit my face?'”

At UFC 289 on June 10, Amanda Nunes and former champion Julianna Pena were supposed to close out their trilogy. However, Julianna Pena was forced to withdraw due to an injury. Therfore, Irene Aldana has been given the opportunity to fill the highly anticipated headliner.