Sean Strickland says ‘women are weak’, his manager could beat most women in Pro MMA

Controversial UFC athlete Sean Strickland made another inflammatory statement earlier this week. The middleweight contender also said that a novice man can beat up a female world champion mixed martial artist.

Sean Strickland had a good run with a 6 win streak in the UFC and climbing the top rank until Alex Pereira knocked him out back in July. Outside the octagon, Strickland is known for making controversial statements.


Recently, Strickland appeared on the Food Truck Dairies podcast with Brendan Schaub. The pair talked about various things including women in mixed martial arts. Strickland said that women are strong then within a few seconds he said women are so weak that an untrained man could handle them.

“Bottom line is, women are very strong, they’re very amazing and I love them. But women are weak. Women are f*cking weak. My manager… he j*rks off Izzy for a living, and he could probably f*ck up Ronda Rousey.” Strickland said.

It’s no secret that women on average are physically weaker than men. Women on average have just half the upper body strength of men. And have around 70% less-power on the lower body compared to men. However, martial arts experience can play a big role when it comes to men vs women.

Strickland also mentioned the classic training session of Rousey and former Bellator middleweight champion Gegard Mousasi and said how Mousasi handled her easily.

“If you watch Gegard Mousasi wrestle Ronda Rousey, it’s like him playing with a little f*cking puppy. What is Ronda Rousey going to f*cking do?” Strickland added.

Strickland failed to secure a title shot after Pereira defeated him. While Pereira is going after the belt, Strickland will be facing former title challenger Jared Cannonier. The pair is set to headline a UFC on ESPN event on December 17.