Sean Strickland gets booted from twitter after a provocative series of tweets

Sean Strickland has been poking at the social media gods for quite a while. Mouthy UFC middleweight had poked fun at everyone from Muslims to Pat Barry and his insidious relationship with Rose Namajunas.

But what may have tipped the scales is another series of provocations from Strickland.

Sean Strickland is currently in camp, preparing to take on the kickboxer that once defeated Israel Adesanya, Alex Pereira at UFC 276 card set for July 2nd.

Strickland is currently ranked at number 4 – a ranking he shares with Paulo Costa. While Strickland was reluctant to battle it out for #4 spot in the rankings, Alex Pereira seemed interesting.

Pereira previously defeated Bruno Silva via decision at a UFC on ESPN event back in March.

Strickland will be only his 3rd opponent in the UFC and might be a big bite for Pereira considering he’s vastly more experienced. Strickland’s record stands at 25 victories and 3 losses and has been with the UFC since 2014.

Strickland has recently targeted the trans community going on to use the word ‘retarded’ which is one of the nonos on twitter.

“I’m actually a fan of pride month,” Sean Strickland tweeted. “Big Fan of the ‘B’ in LGBT lmao (laugh my ass off)!!! Trans people though, God I can’t f*cking stand trans people.. Has to be some form of mental re tardation…”

In addition to shining a light on UFC athletes that refuse to spar him.

Strickland’s twitter was promptly suspended.

What’s funny is that this is what pushed twitter over the edge – and not Strickland’s mockery of Jews, Ukrainians, Islam and or Prophet Muhammad and Christians.

For all the criticism Strickland deserves he still deserves credit for pointing the spotlight at the abuses in WMMA. If it weren’t for his rants about Aspen Ladd and Rose Namajunas, plenty of MMA fans would never know their troubled origin stories with their much older boyfriend coaches.

It’s also worth pointing out that Strickland made some pro gun ownership comments in the fall out of yet another public shooting. There’s no definitive answers as of right now as to what was the final warning for Strickland.

According to he tweeted:

“‘I have a gun on me, you wouldn’t try to fight me,’ let me stop you there, I don’t try to fight anyone,” Strickland said. “If you run your mouth I give you an option to be a man and step up….If your go to is ‘grab my gun’ you’re a little b***h and the problem with the world. P***y!!!