Sean Strickland believes American “beta males with man buns” need to be exterminated – to a man bun haver

Sean Strickland recently guested on Brendan Schaub’s ill fated podcast Food Truck Diaries. Despite the podcasts financial struggles, UFC Middleweight came on willing to share his scalding hate on a variety of topics.

Strickland revealed he was harsh on Ronda Rousey before the podcast even premiered. But in addition to slamming Schaub’s ex girlfriend he also went on to slam another Brendan Schaub past time – the infamous man bun.

“The American’s are the biggest f******g pu**sy’s. How many current American champs are there? You look at this bada** Brazilian that just knocked me out. Bro, American’s are soft as f**k, too much f*****g Starbucks, life is too good for you motherf*****s. I’m almost hoping Russia f*****g nukes us just so our nuts get a little bigger dude. You guys are too soft. F***ing beta males with f***ing man buns and sh*t…” – Strickland told Schaub ranting.

In fairness to Schaub he was a bit more measured than he usually is and tired to defuse Strickland repeatedly during his appearance on the show.

Strickland acknowledged he might be troubled afterwards writing:

“Just finished a Brendon Schaub podcast. I think this might be the last one I do… I’m not stable enough to speak…After a while I start advocating for puppy murder. No further request…”

Strickland is booked for a main event against Jared Cannonier in December. He previously lost via KO to Alex Pereira. This loss inspired another classic Brendan flub. Earlier on the show Schaub expressed an opinion that Strickland would win against Pereira 9 out of 10 times. This is especially egregious because Strickland knew he shouldn’t stand and spar Pereira standing – and yet he still chose to.