Sean O’Malley Slams Strickland’s “Retarded” Sparring Sessions

What Sean O’Malley might lack in fight experience – he more than makes up for in his marketing skills. This is something UFC’s resident Dexter Morgan impersonator could learn from.

Sean Strickland has been in the UFC for a number of years (and on the verge to get cut) before he broke out thanks to those shocking comments he made when asked about Uriah Hall’s devastating knock out.

Since then Strickland has made headlines repeatedly thanks to the shoddy way he behaves while training with others.

Now O’Malley is commenting on this particular stunt based sparring approach:

“Yeah, I think there’s definitely some fighters [who like to fight]. There’s probably a lot of that. Like the Sean Strickland dude, [he] just wants to go and spar and just get hit in the head. It’s slightly retarded.”

Strickland hasn’t won himself any fans in the UFC with his behavior.

But Strickland has also been on the other side of the equation:

In recent history Strickland even tried to score a quick buck by competeing in grappling in Chael Sonnen’s promotion Submission Underground.

This isn’t the first time O’Malley criticized Strickland. O’Malley was also very vocal about the clip of Strickland competing at SUG saying:

“No, *laughs* Does he tap? Oh my gosh, what a dork… that’s just called karma dude. See the thing is, Sean… I want to say he seems like a nice guy, but he also looks like he wants to murder someone.”