Sean O’Malley gets bodied by twitter community notes

UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley recently found himself in hot water with the Twitter community over a misleading claim about his fight record. Despite one glaring defeat, O’Malley boldly asserted that he boasts an undefeated streak of 18 victories.

Sean O’Malley’s ascent to stardom has been nothing short of remarkable since his UFC debut in 2018. The 28-year-old has swiftly garnered a reputation as one of the sport’s rising stars.

O’Malley is celebrated by many MMA fans for his dynamic and entertaining fighting style. He frequently engages in thrilling striking battles, showcasing a flashy and creative approach that resonates with a broad audience. Beyond his skills in the Octagon, O’Malley’s eccentric persona is evident through his vibrant tattoos and ever-changing hair color.


The crowning moment of O’Malley’s career came when he secured victory over Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292 on August 19. In this matchup, O’Malley displayed his prowess by winning via a second-round technical knockout, capturing the UFC bantamweight championship.

However, O’Malley recently attracted criticism for making a false statement. He took to Twitter to proclaim that he maintains an unblemished record of 18 wins. This assertion, however, does not align with reality, as O’Malley has, in fact, suffered one loss and one no-contest in his professional career.

“UFC CHAMP 18-0. 28 years old. Life’s crazy,” O’Malley boldly declared on his Twitter account.

O’Malley’s sole loss transpired in 2020 against Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera. In a heated exchange, O’Malley stumbled while attempting to retreat, creating an opening for Vera to initiate a ground-and-pound assault. The match was halted by the referee, with Vera declared the winner via a first-round technical knockout. This defeat marked the end of O’Malley’s impressive 12-fight win streak.

Additionally, O’Malley’s record includes one no-contest result. This particular instance occurred during a bout against Pedro Munhoz last year. O’Malley inadvertently eye-poked Munhoz early in the second round, rendering him incapable of continuing the match. Consequently, the fight was declared a no-contest.

Following his inaccurate assertion, O’Malley faced ridicule from some fans for his apparent denial of his past losses. In an amusing turn of events, Twitter labeled his tweet as misinformation and fact-checked it.

“Sean O’Malley’s professional MMA record is actually 17-1-0, (1 NC). He lost to Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera by way of TKO (1st Rd) at UFC 252.”

In the world of mixed martial arts, where records hold significant importance, O’Malley’s statement led to a lighthearted but necessary correction by vigilant fans.