Sean Brady raises concerns about Ian Garry’s Questionable Gym Behavior

UFC welterweight contender Ian Garry has recently come under scrutiny from his peers for his gym behavior and antics. Much of the criticism stems from an incident last year in which Garry secretly filmed a phone call with Vicente Luque, publicly calling him out without Luque’s knowledge or consent.

Sean Brady heavily criticized Garry’s actions in a recent interview, stating “it rubbed me the wrong way when he called out, excuse me, when he did that whole thing with Luque and like…and like recording the phone, like the way he just did that, he called him, he had cameras on him, like recording him.” Brady went on to add “It’s wack to me. If you’re at a gym, like those are your… that’s your family, and for you to kind of do the…that he’s been doing and then talking about like training and how like the guys know how good he is and he’s beating everybody up in the gym.”

Sean Brady raises concerns about Ian Garry’s Questionable Gym Behavior

The tension escalated further when middleweight Brendan Allen also called out Garry’s behavior. Garry has developed a reputation for not only secretly filming teammates, but also aggressively bragging about dominating them in training.

Brady strongly condemned the possibility of anyone filming secretively in his long-time gym. “Well, he wouldn’t be, because like we’re not a super gym, we’re a small gym in Philly…You come in, you start pulling out your phone, like let alone an actual like cameras like getting shut down, like we’re not like that, you know? We’re not going to film everything.”

While confidence and self-promotion can be assets for stars marketing themselves, Garry appears to have crossed ethical lines in putting down teammates and spreading footage without consent. The tensions surrounding Garry illustrate the importance of loyalty and discretion even in the hyper-competitive environment of elite MMA gyms.