(Video) Scorned Wife attacks woman she found with her husband

In a recent incident, an enraged wife assaulted a nude harlot whom she had discovered having an illicit relationship with her husband. The lady allegedly discovered images of the couple on her partner’s phone and then followed him to the massage parlor in Phuket, Thailand, on January 25.

She noticed the woman was seated on a chair after he had already departed. A video depicts how she ripped the girl’s towel. She then launched several kicks and slaps in a brawl that lasted for more than five minutes.

While many others watched, the wife stood on top of the frightened masseuse and struggled with her to grab her phone while yanking her hair.

The younger lady was heard pleading for forgiveness and apologizing again. She was heard saying “I didn’t know he had a wife” and “I will stop seeing him”.

Police are now looking into the alleged attack that took place on the well-liked tourist island, famed for its beaches and wild nightlife.

Colonel Sarawut Chuprasit of the Mueang Phuket Provincial Police Station said:

“Officers are checking where the incident occurred. Nobody recognizes that massage place. There have been no complaints from any of the people involved but I encourage the victim to report the incident to the police. We will investigate it urgently for them.”

Lawyer Anantarak Pathin said that information about the assault had been leaked to him. He said that the younger lady was discovered having an affair with the attacker’s husband, and it took place in a brothel in Phuket.

According to Anantarak:

“The assault is a criminal offense and the victim can report it to the police. I think the attack is extremely severe because several people were in the room and witnessed the slapping and stripping.”

“It was unacceptable that the woman was stripped naked. It should be investigated fully.”