Scale cheating? UFC analyst points out scales never settled as Makhachev was cleared for title bout

Abu Dhabi has been lauded as the adopted homeland of the Dagestanis in the UFC. After all UFC’s lucrative deal with Abu Dhabi tourism board was facilitated by Nurmagomedov.

And naturally that brings more scrutiny to the weigh in process and played into why Charles Oliveira wasn’t pleased to be going there to defend his title.

First Alexander Volkanovski confirmed that UFC had suspected Makhachev was having a difficult cut – and even phoned him to check on his weight overnight but next came a botched weigh in attempt.

Makhachev was declared 154.5lbs despite the scale never even settling.

UFC analyst Dan Hardy wrote: “Scales never settled. Again.” He later added: “It’s time to start using digital scales. Old analog scales, traveled around the world. Plus, the potential for human interference or corruption.” Another fan joked: “A big thanks to Hasbulla for helping balance the scales for that extra half pound.”

One fan even claimed it was the same for Oliveira, writing: “For what it’s worth, same exact situation with Do Bronx and the guy didn’t really let the scale settle for him either.” Another pointed out: ‘The reading was given faster than usual, as the official normally waits for the scales to stop shaking as much.”

A final fan had an alternative theory, suggesting: “You’re right, the scale didn’t settle but I think I see why. I admit there is an assumption on my part but watch again, the scale is already at 155(my assumption) and when Islam stands on it, he’s clearly under, so does it ultimately matter? He wasn’t over.”

This is eerily similar to how Nurmagomedov weighed in for his final bout with a clear sign of relief to boot.

In retirement, UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov gained 50 lbs.

Recently Nurmagomedov revealed that restraint was part of an every day struggle for him.

“It was one of the hardest things in my life to stay away from food, even now. It was hard because for 15 years I was on a diet, maybe more, To make weight, I had to stay on a diet all my life. Being a religious person, we have to stay away from a lot of things.”

“When food comes on the table, sometimes you want to enjoy it. I have to train every day for five hour to get back to 86 kilo, or I can live a happy life. I’m going to be happy and drink Pepsi.”

Khabib Nurmagomedov retired from his MMA after UFC 254 when he defeated Justin Gaethje to defend his UFC lightweight championship successfully. He remained undefeated in his MMA career with 29 wins. He promised his mother he would not compete again after his father’s death. Hence, he announced his retirement in the cage following the only bout he’s taken without his father’s guidance.

Khabib competed at lightweight (155lbs) but is now walking around at  light heavyweight (205lbs).

Nurmagomedov missed weight ahead of his UFC event against Abel Trujillo at UFC 160 in May 2013, and was hospitalized two hours before his scheduled weigh in to face Ferguson at UFC 209. The former champ also struggled to make weight ahead of his lightweight title defense at UFC 254. It is widely believed that the Abu Dhabi commission cut him slack declaring he’s on weight before waiting for the scale to actually show weight.

“I weigh 205lb now, maybe 204lb in the morning if I don’t have dessert the night before,” he said at a charity event in London.

“When I was active , I was around 190lb and I cut weight to 155lb. I finished my career, I gained about five kilos, but I can’t do anything with this.”