Salt Papi sheds more than 60lbs for boxing clash with Slim Albaher

Salt Papi is the social media sensation and influencer boxer. He recently revealed a jaw-dropping transformation by shedding nearly five stone in preparation for his upcoming boxing event. This remarkable body makeover comes just before his bout with Slim Albaher, adding immense excitement to the undercard of Misfits Boxing’s Prime Card.

The main event features the much-anticipated clash between KSI and Tommy Fury, along with another headline between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis, all set to take place in Manchester on Saturday night.

Salt Papi is determined to redeem himself after suffering his first defeat in his previous match when he faced off against Anthony Taylor. In a recent appearance on talkSPORT Breakfast, the Filipino fighter expressed his readiness and excitement for the upcoming showdown, stating, “I’m feeling very good and I’m ready to fight on Saturday night.”

One of the most notable aspects of Salt Papi’s journey has been his significant weight loss, a transformation that has turned heads. The 29-year-old, who admittedly carried extra weight in the past, managed to deliver remarkable knockouts despite his size. However, the setback against Taylor fueled his determination to transform his physique into that of a true fighter.

Salt Papi elaborated on his transformation, likening it to wrestling but emphasizing that it’s genuine boxing with an extraordinary level of effort. “I lost a lot of weight for this fight, about 30kg (4 stone 10lbs),” he disclosed. “I was quite overweight last year, but because of boxing, I put in the work. I was like nearly over 100kg (15 stone 10lbs) last year. Now I’m nearly 70kg (11 stone). Boxing is all I do now, boxing saved my life.”

Salt Papi’s dedication to his transformation and his readiness for the upcoming fight are set to make his bout against Slim Albaher an unforgettable moment in the world of influencer boxing. Boxing fans are eagerly awaiting to witness this remarkable journey culminate in the ring on Saturday night.