Sage Northcutt blasts ONE FC after they tried to shape the narrative around his Japan card pull out

In a recent social media post, former UFC welterweight Sage Northcutt expressed dissatisfaction with ONE Championship’s handling of visa-related complications that led to the cancellation of his anticipated bout against Shinya Aoki.

Northcutt, known for polite manner, raised concerns over what he perceived as inaccuracies in ONE Championship’s explanation and hinted at deeper issues within the organization, including PED testing protocols.

According to ONE Championship CEO Chatri Sityodtong, Northcutt withdrew from the match due to visa issues preventing his cornermen from accompanying him to the event.

However, Northcutt disputed this claim, asserting that he had submitted the necessary paperwork well in advance and was assured by the organization that his coaches’ visas were not required.


Northcutt alleged that the visa issues were only revealed hours before the fight, leaving him and his team scrambling to find a resolution. He further criticized the lack of communication from ONE Championship regarding the potential consequences of visa violations, including the possibility of his coaches facing arrest.

Furthermore, Northcutt hinted at addressing other undisclosed concerns within ONE Championship, including PED testing procedures, weight-cutting policies, and the organization’s roster stability. Despite his threats to divulge additional information, ONE Championship has yet to respond to Northcutt’s allegations.

One person that did provide an interesting perspective was UFC veteran Josh Barnett. Barnett cornered a number of times in Japan.

Interestingly, many of the commenters replying to Barnett pointed out that a work visa might be a requirement for Brazilian nationals there.

This whole story reminds us of the infamous Ngannou negotiations. ONE FC tried to play it like they rebuffed Ngannou during his free agency and were basically trying to dictate that he was asking too much while in reality they never even made a serious offer to Ngannou.

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