Ryan Garcia taking a social media hiatus after WBC announced inquiry into his ‘worrying behavior’

Boxer Ryan Garcia has announced he is taking a break from social media until after his upcoming fight against Devin Haney on April 20th. This comes after the World Boxing Council (WBC) revealed they are in “direct talks” with the New York State Athletic Commission over Garcia’s recent “worrying behavior” on social media.

In a statement provided to talkSPORT, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman said the sanctioning body has “extreme concern” over Garcia’s bizarre posts and livestreams in recent weeks. These included the boxer admitting to being high in an interview and posting a video claiming he was dead.

“We’re in direct talks with the New York Commission where the fight is to take place,” Sulaiman stated. “Social media, it’s a matter that has to be dealt with with extreme concern and responsibility by everyone.”

The WBC does not have the authority to cancel the fight themselves, but they can refuse to sanction it and withdraw their version of the super-lightweight world title that is on the line. The New York Commission does have jurisdiction to pull the fight if they deem Garcia’s behavior to be a concern for his wellbeing.

In a video addressing his social media break, Garcia said: “I won’t be posting until after my fight. Not because they got me, not because they forced me to do this. I just feel so a little unloved, you know. It just hurts when you try to, you know, try to just do the right thing for the kids and I can feel the hate.”

Several figures in boxing have raised worries about Garcia’s mental state leading up to the bout with Haney. While the fight is still scheduled for now, the scrutiny from the WBC and commissions adds uncertainty around whether it will actually take place on April 20th.