Ryan Garcia lost $20,000 bet with Errol Spence Jr on Gervonta Davis’ fight with Rolando Romero

After a ringside bet with Errol Spence Jr., Ryan Garcia was left with a sizeable hole in his pocket.

As Gervonta Davis boxed Rolando Romero at the Barclays Center, Ryan Garcia was ringside watching.

Garcia made the disastrous choice to support Romero, a former sparring buddy. Despite the fact that the odds were highly stacked in Davis’ favor. Garcia ended up taking on Errol Spence Jr. in a  20 grand winner-take-all wager.

“20k I’ve got on Rollies, he’s got on Tank.” Garcia, 23, added.

Spence, who is 32 years old, responded: “Yeah. Don’t play with me.”

In round six, Davis, 27, viciously knocked out Romero, 26. Spence was eager to remind Garcia of their bet.

“That s*** turned bad quick for ya man’s.” he posted on Instagram.

“Send me your wire info,” Garcia, a man of his word, said.

Later that night, Spence was questioned about a super fight with Terence Crawford, planned for this year. Despite this, the undefeated unified welterweight champion was pleased with his results.

“Ryan Garcia owes me 20k,” Spence joked.

Meanwhile, Garcia is looking for vengeance in the ring after losing $20,000 to Davis.

He said on Twitter: “Let me handle business July 16th I’m going to get tank, he was screaming the whole fight I’m next so let it be.. December let’s get it.”

Ryan Garcia held the WBC interim lightweight championship from January to May 2021. In May 2022, The Ring magazine, the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, and ESPN listed him as the world’s sixth-best active lightweight.

Garcia began boxing when he was seven years old. He was a 15-time national amateur champion, with a 215–15 amateur record.