Russian Fighter Incites Brawl After Hitting Post-fight Challenger With Mic

In modern MMA there’s a permanent spot for the post fight call outs and challenges. Hardcore Fighting Championship viewers could witness a truly chaotic  post fight scenario.

The fight between Dmitry Klimov and Nazir Kishukov ended in 1st round via submission. Klimov made his opponent scream out in pain with an armbar.

After the fight was over, a stranger came up to the cage and challenged Klimov. It was unclear whether he is from the Kishukov corner or not.

In the video, both share a harsh exchange. As a result Klimov gets furious. He then decided that the best way to finish this trash talk is to hit him up with a mic. And to make matters worse he delivered a final blow with a vicious kick on the head.  The chaos took place in the cage and immediate intervention was made by the officials.

It was a kind of warning shot. It is uncertain that Klimov targeted for a body shot or the head. 

The incident itself portrayed the vision of the promotion. The brutal leg kick was perfect and could have been a significant strike if it had been a fight.

If you visit the Hardcore Fighting Championship Instagram page, they not only inspire the AEW style of stunts, but they are building on it.