Russian and Belarussian Federation suspend participation in Judo events

The world of combat sports is shaken daily by the impact Russian invasion of Ukraine has on the athletes of both nations. Ever since the invasion started plenty of sports bodies took action to prevent Russia from participating in events – even going so far as to say the athletes would not be welcome at Paralympic games.

Paralympic athletes from Russia and Belarus are now banned from the Winter Paralympics Games for their countries’ roles in the invasion of Ukraine. International Paralympic committee originally planned to let the athletes compete – without national insignia. However after public pressure they decided to take it one step further.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has cultivated a masculine image in the media during the time he has presided over the Russian state. Putin could be seen enjoying a variety of masculine activities including hunting, horseback riding and practicing judo.

Russia has a huge influence in judo – so much so, that the president of the European governing body is a Russian. In addition to this Putin was considered to be friends with the world judo governing body (IJU) Marius Vizer.

Planned Grand Slam in Kazan in May was cancelled following the invasion – and the International Judo Federation has taken personal action against Putin:

“In light of the ongoing war (conflict) in Ukraine, the International Judo Federation announces the suspension of Mr Vladimir Putin’s status as Honorary President and Ambassador of the International Judo Federation,” it said in a statement on Sunday.

Following this move – Russian and Belarussian Federation announced they would no longer be participating in events held by the International judo federation or EJU events.

A press release on the website of the International judo federation released the following statement:

“Following official communications received by the International Judo Federation, the Russian Judo Federation and the Belarussian Judo Federation have suspended their participation from all IJF and EJU international events. There will be no Russian or Belarussian athletes participating in IJF and EJU events, with immediate effect.”