Ronda Rousey used to be frustrated by ‘being good at something that was so useless as a career’

Ronda Rousey became a superstar in the early days of women’s MMA thanks to her unmatched judo skills that made her look unbeatable.

Former UFC double champ and color commentator Daniel Cormier recently uploaded a video with Rousey. In the video, he talked with Rousey about her career in combat sports and in pro wrestling. In a segment, Rousey talked about how she was “pissed off” at her judo career.


“I remember being kind of pissed off that I was so good at something that was so useless as a career.”

‘DC’ agreed with Rousey on that, he then added that it is also similar to wrestling considering the athletes don’t make enough money, even after making it to the top.

Rousey added

“They used to tax us on what we took home, and I’m going to give myself credit for this. I just bitched about it enough.”

And when getting asked about how she felt about walking away from the fight game, she replied:

“I think it was difficult in both judo and MMA and that everyone else felt that they wanted more from me.”

Rousey started her professional MMA career in 2011 after winning three amateur bouts via armbar in the first round. She then did a similar thing in the pro ranks, submitting all of her first eight opponents by armbar. She then became the Strikeforce and UFC bantamweight champion in the process.

After scoring her eighth armbar win with a victory over Miesha Tate, she also discovered her  striking ability. She finished three of four of her next opponents with KO/TKO.

However, things took a turn 180 for the worse when she fought former boxing champion, Holly Holm. In the fight, she was knocked out cold by Holm’s head kick.

She then attempted to get the bantamweight belt again, this time from the newly-crowned Amanda Nunes. However, Nunes TKO’d Rousey less than a minute into the first round.

She walked away from MMA and tried her luck in pro wrestling. She is now the reigning SmackDown women’s champion.