Rogan shades ONE FC over suspicious looking physiques and weigh in catastrophe

Joe Rogan just shaded ONE FC athletes for the hilarious weigh-in fail during the last big event. He also expressed a level of concern about their PED testing considering that many of their athletes have physiques that don’t pass the eye test.

Rogan was talking to Paul Felder on the JRE about modern MMA and how weight-cutting would be solved if UFC was founded today.

Rogan said:

“If the sport started from scratch, do you think they’d allow extreme weight cutting? No, they wouldn’t,”

Felder added, “there would be hydration tests,”

Rogan referred to how many athletes failed to make weight in a recent ONE FC event.

“I don’t know how ONE FC is doing it because apparently on one of their most recent cards, nine people didn’t make weight.”

From there, the conversation shifted toward PED usage in the company. Rogan questioned the quality of ONE’s testing.

“So like, I don’t know what the f**k do you do with that? And when I’m looking at those guys in ONE FC, I’m like, how good are your tests?”

“Well, that’s where it’s like, wait a minute. We’re worried about them cutting weight. Meanwhile, these guys are taking every supplement known to mankind. It’s like, I don’t know if he should be worried about the weight cutting,” said Felder.

They began to talk about Timofey Nastyukhin, and how big he looked against Eddie Alvarez. Rogan said that he looks like a welterweight fighting lightweights.

“Look at how big Nastyukhin is, he’s taller than him and thicker than him. That’s a big motherf**ker. I mean, look, Eddie, you know, fought 155 in the UFC….. that guy looks like a big 170. Yeah. I mean, he’s a big f**king fella.”

Of course, many ONE athletes are questioned about their physiques.

Sage Northcutt is one of them. Despite a 4-year hiatus from the sport, Northcutt looks as good as ever. He recently made it clear that he’s natty when Ariel Helwani questioned him.

Helwani asked Northcutt if his abs were natural by saying: “Assume those are natural, no liposuction on those abs?”

The ex-UFC fighter replied by exclaiming: “No way, no way!”

ONE has toughened up their stance on PEDs though.

They announced a couple of months ago that they have a new testing partner for PEDs. The Singaporean company said that they were going to work with the IDTM, starting from ONE 160.

They also overturned Martin Batur’s win over Paul Elliott at the event for testing positive for a banned substance. The promotion suspended Batur for a year based on their guidelines.

Just recently, they took even stricter action against Jasur Mirzamukhamedov for failing a PED test.

They released the 36-year-old heavyweight from his contract. In addition to that, he got a 6-month suspension from competing in MMA.