Retired mixed martial artist confessed he murdered his wife after cops uncovered video of him transporting the body

A Brazilian mixed martial artist confessed after the body of his wife was found 6 days after she was declared missing.

A woman named Ellida Ferreira was missing after leaving her house to visit her mother on November 4. Her family said that she went missing at around 8 pm after heading towards the Tiete Bus Station in Vila Guilherme.

Recently, Ferreira’s body was found near a stream nearby São Paulo. The 26-year-old woman had her arms and legs tied with a rope. Her body was also wrapped in sheet, leading to an assumption of a murder case.

The police then checked the security camera on her apartment complex, hoping to find more clues to trace her murderer. The police was stunned to learn that her husband was involved in the murder. Dailymail was first to report about the case.

Her husband (former mixed martial artist) named Luis Lima was spotted on the security camera footage.

Ferreira can be seen entering the apartment she shared with her husband. Just around ten minutes later, Lima was seen with an empty laundry cart. Around 40 minutes after that, Lima was spotted returning with Ferreira’s body wrapped in a sheet.

Luis Lima was also the one who called the police and reported that her wife was missing. During the search before her body was found, Lima was interrogated by the authorities to get some clues about her whereabouts.

He tried to cover up his crime and lied to the police saying that she went off to visit her mother. Lima also told the police that he tried to contact her several times before informing her family.

“She left for Campinas, sent the last message at 7:51 pm saying they had only 5 percent battery. At 10:39 pm I sent a message again and it was not seen and calls forwarded directly to voicemail. In contact with my sister-in-law and the mother of the disappeared reported that she did not arrive at their homes in Campinas.” Lima’s report reads.

Following the discovery, the MMA athlete was arrested and confessed. However, there are no further details regarding his charges or any information about his motives.