Referee explains why he didn’t react to Jiri Prochazka’s Brazilian Tap

Footage of Jiri Prochazka tapping during a recent title fight spread online.

Jiri Prochazka became the new UFC light heavyweight champion after defeating Glover Teixeira at UFC 275 last weekend. The first ever Czech UFC Champion entered the octagon with a 12 win streak and had gotten the title shot on his third outing in the UFC.

At the age of 42 years old, Glover Teixeira managed to hold off Prochazka with his phenomenal jiu jitsu. He was ahead on the score cards and would’ve likely won if not for that faithful decision to jump guillotine.

The pair clashed for almost 5 rounds. However, with a few seconds left, Prochazka managed to submit the Brazilian with a bulldog choke variation.

Prochazka had  an incredible performance. However, some fans noticed unusual behavior during their fight. Prochazka can be seen tapping a few times while Teixeira was dominating him on the ground. This appeared like it led Teixeira to loosen his grip on arm triangle and change position.

Same fans accused Prochazka of pulling the old ‘Brazilian tap’. An act where an MMA athlete fake taps to get let out of submission but instantly pretends he didn’t tap so that the ref doesn’t stop the fight.

One notable case of this was performed by Chael Sonnen against Anderson Silva at UFC 117 in 2010. The difference is that the referee immediately stopped the fight and announced Silva as the winner.

Following the footage leak showing Prochazka’s Brazilian tap, referee Marc Goddard spoke up on his Twitter account. Goddard shared insight from his point of view when he oversaw Prochazka vs Teixeira.

Goddard said Prochazka was actually cheering for Teixeira while also signaling to him that he is okay. Even though Goddard admitted that Prochazka’s habit is dangerous.

“Lol. Jiri was actually congratulating & encouraging his opponent! He has done it a couple of times and I told him it’s a risky game lol! But it’s very clear what he was doing and intending. Let’s celebrate the incredible feat from both gentlemen.” Goddard said.