Rampage Jackson talks Joe Rogan racism accusations: ‘Y’all mad at him for other things’

Former UFC light heavyweight champion, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson had his Instagram banned a couple of times over the past few months.

And he suspected that this was because of something related to Joe Rogan.

In a recent interview with The Schmo, Jackson gave an update regarding his Triller clash with the former boxing world champion Shannon Briggs.

The two had been throwing insults at each other on Instagram for several months.

The former PRIDE middleweight champion won’t be returning any time soon because the bout encountered several problems when it came to passing physical tests.

He also revealed that he lost touch with Briggs after his Instagram account got banned.

To The Schmo, he detailed what happened on his Instagram leading to the ban.

“I’ve gotten a couple of warnings because some of the stuff I posted like I’m making fun of different people and you know,”

“Some people report my post and I got a couple of warnings and one time, I come in on one of my friend’s posts, it was something funny and I made a joke, and one guy didn’t like my joke and he said some b*****it to me, and I was like ‘man it’s a f***ing joke’ and I said ‘well you sound like a b***h’ and all the cuss words that I said I spelled it wrong, and my page immediately got banned.”

“And then I got it back, they said they made a mistake, I got it back and less than a month later they banned it again with no explanation.”

While he claims he doesn’t do anything to merit the second ban, he remembered there is one thing that he suspected was the problem.

“The only thing that I think I might have done is somebody tagged me to the post when they were getting people getting mad about Joe Rogan saying n****r and I was like ‘y’all ain’t mad at Joe Rogan for saying n****r come on, y’all mad at him for other things.’”

“I said ‘don’t rope me into this’, because me personally, I don’t care who says n****r, who don’t say n****r, because their word don’t have no power over me.”

He also added that he doesn’t have problem with the way Rogan was using the racial slur as long as the context is clear, claimed the world being too sensitive right now.

“And I know Joe personally, I’ve met him several times, and based on the way he was saying it, it was no problem with the way he was saying like, I think the world is too sensitive right now, people need to get over themselves,” Jackson added.