Rampage Jackson opens up on getting irritated by Dana White’s lies

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson recently expressed frustration over what he claims were misleading statements made by UFC President Dana White regarding pay-per-view numbers for one of Jackson’s fights.

In a recorded rant, Jackson accused White of publicly inflating the pay-per-view buy rate for Jackson’s 2008 fight against Rashad Evans at UFC 92, which Evans won by third-round TKO.

“One thing I was upset about, Dana [White] is in my contract,” Jackson said. “I sold over a million people view buys. My pay-per-view numbers jumped up dramatically…and the fight between me and Evans, I broke that threshold and he told me no. He did like 900 something thousand right up on the millions.”

Jackson went on to allege that despite telling him the event did around 900,000 buys, White then boasted to the media and fans that it had surpassed 1 million buys.

“But then in the press, he told everybody we sold over a million buys and I hit him,” Jackson said. “I [told him], pay me what the fuck you told the fans!…Don’t pay me on what you’re fucking telling me that we made. Pay me on what you’re fucking promoting out there.”

The claim of being misled about PPV numbers was clearly a sore spot for Jackson, who felt White was inflating the event’s success for promotional purposes without compensating him accordingly.

“That’s what the bad taste in my mouth is,” Jackson said.

Pay-per-view numbers have long been a contentious issue in combat sports, with fighters frequently accusing promotions of lack of transparency when it comes to disclosing revenues and their cut of the profits. Jackson’s comments shed light on that distrust between athletes and promoters.

But it’s not all bad. Unlike many of UFC’s biggest stars, Rampage Jackson actually managed to secure several large paydays.

Rampage Jackson earned $200,000 from a K-1 match and made around $7 million from his match with Chuck Liddell. This was in part due to UFC buying out his Pride contract, which had a PPV clause.

Rampage revealed: “I’m going tell you what they did, though. What helped me out later, though. They gave me a crazy pay-per-view deal, cuz they knew they wasn’t going to do pay-per-views. And then Dana White, the UFC, they bought my contract. So when I fought Chuck, they had to give me the f**king…”

Rampage then reveals he made around $7 million from his match with Chuck Liddell. He stated: “I made like millions… I made about 7 million. Its my first time even telling about it.”