Rafael Fiziev forced himself to throw up the night before Rafael Dos Anjos bout

UFC’s rising star, Rafael Fiziev, revealed a wild story that took place just a day before his outing against Rafael dos Anjos. The lightweight contender threw up sleeping pills after realizing how badly they could affect him.

Rafael Fiziev has been putting on great performances for the past two years and seemingly has a bright future in the promotion. He headlined UFC Vegas 58 against former champion Rafael dos Anjos last weekend on July 9. It was his first time headlining a UFC event.

Despite lacking in experience, Fiziev displayed a very exciting performance against the UFC veteran for four rounds. Fiziev then scored a knock out 18 seconds in the last round, marking his 6th win.

Rafael Fiziev appears confident inside the octago however, just like many combat sports athletes, the 29-year-old also experienced severe anxiety just 24 hours before his showdown against dos Anjos.

During his appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, ‘Ataman’ recalled a crazy story where he made a bad decision by swallowing a number of melatonin pills in an attempt to fall asleep.

“The night before the fight, he (Rafael Fiziev) could not go to sleep, so he took one melatonin pill.” Fiziev manager and translator Sayat Abdrakhmanov said.

The Kazakhstan born didn’t think straight and only realized his mistake afterwards. Luckily, he was still able to throw up the pills.

“Then he took the second [pill]. Third. Then he still couldn’t fall asleep, then he took another, some CBD gummy with melatonin. He takes it, and then he asks me, ‘Oh, did I take too much melatonin? Is it going to affect me during the fight?’ I was like, ‘Why do you do something and then think about what you’re doing [after]?!” Sayat said.

“So he went to the bathroom, and then he made himself throw up all this, the pills he took, all the melatonin pills he took.”

Fiziev joined his manager to tell the story and said,

“I ate seven pills of melatonin in total. I started to be scared, like maybe I might go to sleep in the fight, so I needed to go throw up [with my fingers].”

Sayat responded while laughing,

“I was like, ‘Why do you keep doing this? Everything was perfect and you just came up with this [idea].”