Promotion Stages Fights in Suits, Dress Shoes

Another ridiculous fighting event is on – in this one the fighters get inside the ring wearing formalwear – a buttondown shirt, black pants and shoes. We already a ridiculous event where the fighters literally fight inside a phone booth, grappling inside a car event and now, another bizarre setup. This fighting competition was held in Moscow, Russia, within the Punch Club.

The fighters faced off inside a hexagon with a cushion on every corner. In a video uploaded to twitter two fighters fight wearing a formal white button shirt, long trousers, and probably oxfords. The only fight accessories are the gloves they are wearing.

“Respect to my man for throwing down in dress shoes, didn’t end well,” says the caption in the video uploaded to Twitter.

One famous person also appeared in this unique promotion. The best slapper in the world, Vasily “Dumpling” Kamotsky, wearing stylish clothes to get ready to fight inside the hexagon. This time, there is no fighting attribute at all as the fighters were fighting bare-knuckled.

“Vasily ‘Dumpling’ Kamotsky, slap fighting legend, returns to Punch Club for another bare-knuckle,” wrote @Matsyek88 in the caption.

Fighting is all about entertainment. People trying to find new unique stuff to put into combat sports to attract a lot of viewers. We can only wait for new surprises in the future.