(Video) Professional mixed martial artist gets challenged in an alley

A professional mixed martial artist had to face several prospective attackers in an off road altercation. However, he remained calm and didn’t let the feelings get the best of him. The incident took place in Louisville, Kentucky, on Bardstown Road.

A large man approached the noticeably smaller man while facing away from the camera and acting as if he had no idea what the is going on. The small man tried to back away skillfully and gracefully.

The little guy said calmly, “You still got that bottle over there?” to someone farther back. It became clear right away that there are many dangers present, one of which was armed. Fortunately, the little guy is obviously a skilled martial artist, and his posture and assaults suggest that he may have a history in Muay Thai.

Learning about your opponent’s reflexes, reach, footwork, and numerous other attributes is an essential component of mixed martial arts. It might take up to two or three minutes to obtain good readings against a skilled opponent.

Low kicks have the ability to be taken by any person of appropriate stature. The taller man then makes a telltale hop after receiving a second low kick, which hurt.

The Big Guy gets knocked down with a deft left hook and then decides to get back up. After giving the watch to his buddy, the big guy strangely seems to move the watch to his dominant hand.

The boxer once again backpedals, gaining more readings. This happens while the big guy charges at him with a ridiculously telegraphed strike.

A shifting straight right hook was used to bring down Big Guy after a third low kick that successfully connected. The boxer has already delivered three straight right kicks, one left hook, and three right low kicks.

Then, Big Guy commits his last error of the evening by making a sluggish attempt to get up again. Big Guy was out, and it seemed like a tooth popped out of his mouth.

One of Lurch’s cronies decides that it would be okay to push the fighter at this point. The fighter approached the guy, “I don’t have a problem.”