Pro Mma Fighter Arrested For Killing Doctor After Vaccine Argument

A Russian born professional MMA fighter is alleged to have brutally stabbed a doctor to death after a heated argument between the two.


The  3-1 professional MMA prospect, Akmal “AK47” Khoziev, was arrested by the police on November 7th at his apartment in Tamuning, Guam. Khoziev reportedly argued about the COVID-19 vaccine with the victim, Dr. Miran Ribati, when things went sideways according to The Guam Daily Post and Pacific Daily News. The witness said the altercation got physical when Khozhiev choked the doctor unconscious and stabbed him int he throat with an animal bone from a meal the two had shared. Khozhiev allegedly then grabbed a knife and stabbed the doctor again.

The witness was reportedly hit on the head and was unable to help stop the slaying.

During his arrest, Akmal Khoziev (27) immediately surrendered and admitted to the crime.

He told an officer: “Sir, it’s me, it’s me, I killed him.”

Khoziev has been charged with Aggravated Murder and Aggravated Assault, Use of a Deadly Weapon in the Commission of a Felony, Assault, Felonious Restraint, Strangulation, and Family Violence.


People close to him claim that something went wrong with Khoziev recently. Bellator MMA fighter and Kohoziev’s former teammate, JJ Ambrose, said that Khoziev has “changed”.

“He was such a great person up until he wasn’t. We did everything we possibly could to warn people that AK wasn’t AK anymore.”

Khoziev’s wife, Francesca, also said a similar thing about her husband’s behavioral change. “He was not the guy that everyone knew from around the gym anymore,” Francesca said.

A head injury can cause a person to lose control over their emotional expressions. This condition, also known as emotional lability, changes the way the patient reacts to certain situations, which plays a large role in apparent personality changes. It’s unclear at this time if there were other factors that contributed to the fighter’s severe reaction to the heated discussion.