Priscilla Cachoeira Claims Eye Gouge Wasn’t Intentional

Recently, Priscilla Cachoeira posted an apology video on her Instagram account addressing the blatant eye-gouging attempt captured at UFC 269. The Brazilian fighter pulled a dirty move during the flyweight bout against Gillian Robertson. Cachoeira was in deep trouble in round 1 – and instead of defending the submission she opted to try to cheat her way out of it. Robertson still managed to make her tap.


In a video she uploaded on her Instagram Story, her coach was the one who apologized on her behalf. While she just stood there looking at the camera and nodded a few times.

“Good evening, everybody. I just want to thank my opponent, Gillian Robertson, for taking the fight. I just want to apologize for what happened during the fight. It was not intentional. I want to thank all of you who cheer for me and are behind me, and have a good night everybody.”

Cachoeira is known to be a slick fighter. In her fight with Molly McCann back in 2019, she delivered a kick when McCann was trying to high-five her. She also missed weight by three pounds prior to her fight with Robertson.

Her action obviously got on MMA fans’ nerves. Many people dislike her and insult her online, to the point that she disabled her Instagram’s comment section. Some fans who have access to Wikipedia changed some of her information.

Her nickname was changed from “Zombie Girl” to “Eye gouger” and her weight also became “Missing weight”.

Even though she won all of her 8 fights outside the UFC, Cachoeira clearly isn’t doing well in the UFC. She joined the UFC in 2018 and only won 2 out of 6 fights. Her total MMA records consisted of 10 wins and 4 losses.

Robertson wasn’t pleased about the way the referee reacted: