Power slappers go viral for bragging about not even ‘training’ their craft

Power slap has been an embarrassment of sorts.

UFC President Dana White is defying all odds by bringing back his controversial Power Slap League for a second season. Despite facing pressure from Congress, losing his TV partner, and widespread criticism from MMA fans, White is determined to keep the league alive.

To ensure its survival, he has teamed up with the relatively untested Rumble app, which claims to be “immune to cancel culture.” However, the app’s Achilles’ heel seems to be the lack of viewership.

Dana White previously claimed that slapping is “number one in all of sports”. His claims are likely to be founded on a tiktok statistic based on Q1 of 2023. The first season of Power Slap League aired on TBS, and it averaged 294,000 viewers over eight episodes.

As per sportsbusinessjournal:

“Power Slap already has 3.2 million followers on TikTok, more than leagues such as MLS (1.3 million), NASCAR (1.9 million) and the NHL (2.4 million). UFC has 13.4 million followers on that platform.”

In a recent kickoff press conference, White announced the upcoming Power Slap event, introducing a mix of new and returning contestants. The conference took an unintentionally comedic turn when Ayjay Hintz and Russel Rivero shared their training experiences.

Hintz openly admitted, “I’m still not training. Absolutely nothing.” This response drew curiosity about Rivero’s preparations for the event.

Rivero echoed Hintz’s sentiment, confessing that work commitments prevented him from training extensively. He nonchalantly stated, “This sport, I don’t think you really gotta put much into it, you just gotta stand there and bang.”

CBS News reported that the strikers earn between $2,000 and $10,000 per slap event.

The isolated clip from the press conference went viral, highlighting the unique training approach of Power Slap athletes. With meager earnings of only $2,000 for participating, it’s no wonder they struggle to train full-time.

The return of Power Slap is scheduled for this Wednesday night, May 24, at 9 p.m. ET, exclusively on Rumble.

The winners of this season will not only receive a shiny blue belt but also gain recognition and respect within the slapping circuit. However, they should be wary of the potential consequence: a face resembling Sloth from The Goonies if they endure one too many powerful slaps.

Catch the brain damaging action of Power Slap as it makes its highly anticipated comeback, and witness the resilience of the competitors in this unconventional and controversial league. Don’t miss out on the excitement, exclusively on Rumble.