Power rangers actor launching merch with ‘warrior’ quotes including one from a highly questionable WWII figure

The iconic Red Power Ranger, Austin St. John, known for his leadership and heroism, is venturing into fashion with a unique clothing line. Inspired by historical figures, including Adolf Hitler, Bruce Lee, and Chuck Norris, St. John aims to provide a collection that reflects both positive and negative aspects of leadership throughout history.

Austin St. John’s acting journey kicked off at the age of 19 with his breakout role as the Red Power Ranger, Jason Lee Scott, in the iconic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. Debuting in 1993 on Fox Kids, the show catapulted St. John to global fame. Adopting the stage name Austin St. John, he drew inspiration from “The Six Million Dollar Man’s” Steve Austin, combining it with his chosen surname, St. John.


Mirroring his character’s martial arts background, St. John quickly became synonymous with the heroic Red Ranger. Despite the series’ immense success, St. John faced significant challenges behind the scenes, including grueling schedules, meager pay, and a lack of union representation. Together with co-stars like Jason David Frank, St. John pushed for improved conditions, even threatening to depart if their demands weren’t met. Ultimately, only a few cast members stood alongside him in the ultimatum.

After leaving the show, St. John continued to leave his mark on the Power Rangers universe, reprising his role as Jason in various installments. From his permanent role in Power Rangers Zeo to his appearance in the historic “Forever Red” episode of Power Rangers Wild Force, St. John maintained a strong connection to the franchise.


In a recent podcast interview, St. John unveiled his vision for the clothing line, which sparked intense reactions online. By incorporating quotes from influential figures like the ones from WWII Germany’s leader alongside those of revered martial artists like Bruce Lee.

“I have some Ranger-oriented clothes. And then I’m building a warrior line where I will go back in history, from pre-Greek days as far back as I can. I’m gonna have famous quotes from warriors of all ilks including the terrible ones. Hi tler was, you know, a demon on ste roids, but he had some pretty good one-liners.”

The announcement stirred a flurry of reactions, with many expressing surprise and disapproval. Some questioned the ethical implications of featuring the quotes, while others wondered about the legality of such a venture.

Despite the controversy, St. John remains committed to his vision, emphasizing the importance of learning from history, both its triumphs and its darkest chapters.


While St. John’s clothing line has yet to debut, it faces significant challenges ahead, including navigating public perception and addressing concerns about sensitivity and respect. Even fellow Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson voiced her reservations, suggesting that some decisions may benefit from professional guidance.