Police release bodycam footage of Gervonta Davis’ arrest

Gervonta Davis is talented boxer who recently faced a significant setback when he was arrested on charges of domestic abuse right outside his Maryland home.

The police officers took him into custody based on accusations made by the mother of his child. After 44 days in prison, Davis was released. Maryland PD decided to unveil a 6+ minute video capturing the exact moment of his arrest. The video showed Davis struggling to offer a satisfactory explanation, leading to increased distrust from the officers.

He was ultimately taken into custody for domestic abuse, and we all saw what happened to him thereafter. The video of the woman with whom he got into that domestic violence argument was blurred on the video.

“Watching ‘Frozen’ with my oldest daughter… I never put my hands on my child mother nor my f–king daughter are you f–king crazy!!” Davis wrote. “I’m not a monster I been quiet for too long. I don’t have media team, PR, good lawyer… spokesman nothing of that… that’s the only reason I’m doing this now!

“Just to clear my name! I been doing this s–t on my own since I started this s–t! These people done put out so much stuff aired this everywhere and have a f–king helicopter flying over my house now as I write this because they look at this s–t as money to them and trying to get as much money as possible…” – Davis said after the emergency call was released

In an attempt to address the issue, a Maryland judge initially sentenced Gervonta Davis to 90 days of house arrest. However, Davis violated this sentence within a few days. This prompted the prosecutor to give jail time instead.

While the charges were eventually dropped, Davis must now face the stigma of being accused of battering the mother of his child. It is crucial to understand that any professional combat sports athlete is expected by law to refrain from violent behavior towards civilians.

Their status as potentially dangerous individuals puts them at risk of prosecution, even in minor altercations. So competitors like Davis need to be vigilant in their interactions with the world around them.