Police Raffle Off Gun to Help Pay For MMA Fighter’s Surgery

A unique heart warming moment happened in the land of palms. The military police battalion of Macapa, Brazil, is planning to raffle a gun to help pay for the surgery of a female MMA fighter, Faelly Vitoria, who suffered an ACL tear in her left knee.

Faelly Vitoria is an MMA strawweight prospect who is going to compete in Invicta Fighting Championship, a women’s mixed martial arts promotion. However, before she even began to compete under Invicta FC’s banner, she suffered an ACL injury and needs to undergo surgery if she wants to continue her fighting career.

Faelly Vitoria, who trains in a social project funded by Brazilian military police, got the police behind her to back her up. They decided to raffle a Taurus G2c .40 gun, a semi-auto pistol. The police will give Vitoria 50 percent of the money if she is able to sell at least 1000 tickets for the raffle.

Each ticket costs only R$10, which is around 1.85 US dollars. If the winner doesn’t have a license to carry or possess a firearm, they will get R$ 4000 (around 740 US dollars) as a replacement.

During an interview with MMA fighting, Faelly Vitoria gave her thoughts about the raffle. The 20-year-old fighter believes people will be interested in winning the prize.

“It’s a good prize. People look and be like, ‘Wow, a gun or R$4,000.’ It’s an interesting prize to raffle and get some money to pay for the surgery.” Vitoria said.

Faelly Vitoria has fought 4 times in her professional MMA career, winning all four fights and keeping her record clean. She started her professional MMA career in July 2019 within Electro Fight. She also fought in Ampa Fight Night (AFN) and Macaco Fighter. She won all the fights via unanimous decision.