PFL optimistic about signing Ngannou: It’s all positive

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou’s departure from the UFC at the start of 2023 has caused quite a stir.

The reasons behind his decision were attributed to his desires to compete in boxing and have more contractual freedom.

Since then, Ngannou has remained a free agent and is currently one of the biggest names available in the combat sports game. As a result, MMA promotions such as Bellator and the PFL have expressed interest in Ngannou’s services.

PFL President Ray Sefo is among those vying for Ngannou’s signature. The PFL checks off many of Ngannou’s boxes, including the freedom to choose his contracts, better pay, and a promotion that prioritizes the treatment of stars. As such, Sefo and PFL remain in talks with Ngannou and are one of the favorites to sign him.


In a recent press conference, Sefo provided an update on where the negotiations stand between the PFL and Ngannou.

According to Sefo, “That is correct, we’ve had a few meetings with Francis, and those discussions are still going on. Obviously, there are a few other things he also wants to pursue, which is boxing, and he knows where we stand with it too so, you know, it’s all positive should I say, right?”

Sefo went on to state that he would love to have Ngannou on his roster for the upcoming 2024 PFL season, but it ultimately comes down to Ngannou’s desires.

Ngannou is a pay-per-view kind of guy, and it’s up to him where he wants to go with that.

However, Sefo remains optimistic and said, “But listen, if he decides that he wants to be in the season, I’d love to have him in the season.”

Ngannou’s Connection with the PFL

Ngannou’s mother was seen wearing a PFL t-shirt following his split with the UFC, which sparked speculation regarding Ngannou’s next career move.

However, Ngannou’s value as a free agent may be dropping as his free agency continues. Nevertheless, he remains focused on making his professional boxing debut and eventually making a return to MMA by the end of the year.