PFL is interested in Francis Ngannou, touts true 50/50 partnership

Francis Ngannou just left UFC as the first champion to leave the promotion since BJ Penn more than a decade ago. While UFC president Dana White tried to portray the move as an attempt to ‘find lesser opponents’, it appears to be anything but that.

Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury re-affirmed his interest into making the Ngannou exhibition happen however Fury expressed interest for a 4oz hybrid boxing rules match as opposed to traditional boxing.

There’s plenty of interest for Ngannou, including other boxers and other MMA promoters.

Now PFL exec Donn Davis provided more insight into the extent of interest in Ngannou in an interview with TSN.

PFL Founder and Chairman Donn Davis is very diplomatic in his assertions but is clearly playing at what Francis Ngannou has been saying in the media. Ngannou was vocal about wanting a contract that protects his rights and isn’t one sided.

“You know what I’d love to see? I’d love to see the 2023 season be the road to (face) Frances. I want to see the heavyweight division fight it out. And whoever wins the 2023 heavyweight division, challenge Francis, in a pay per view at the end of this year, or the beginning of next year. So I’m consistent in terms of meritocracy and opportunity.”

Earlier in the same conversation Davis shared:
” We do all of our business behind closed doors, blue chip nature.”

” We don’t kiss and tell here, but obviously with the signing of Jake Paul, the announcement of our pay-per-views, super-fight division, the true 50-50 economic partnership, the PFL. We’re well as open for business.”

” You can assume that we are a destination for the biggest fighters in the world and we are talking to anyone who wants to control their own destiny and make a bigger pay-day and have more control.”