PFL exec explains Jake Paul signing more of a promotional tool, debut likely in 2024

Jake Paul ruffled a lot of feathers earlier this month when it was announced he inked a lucrative deal with the PFL and plans to make his MMA debut in 2023.

Paul has been one of the only pop-boxers to transition into professional boxing. He is earning more and more respect, thanks to his KO over Tyron Woodley and a good performance against Anderson Silva but he has yet to compete against an actual boxer. By the looks of things, this will be happening next month in Saudi Arabia, when he boxes Tommy Fury.

Details of Paul’s deal were not disclosed. Paul’s official role is the “head of fighter advocacy” indicating that a big part of his new role will be sharing about PFL to the millions of his followers.

Now PFL exec Donn Davis provided more insight into the ‘partnership’ in an interview with TSN.  Reporter asked: “What would be a realistic expectation for (Paul) to actually debut in mixed martial arts? And what kind of opponent do you think would be warranted?”

“Look, they’re two parts of this deal when you take a step back. The bigger part of this deal is Jake Paul being a marketer, creator, and promoter of the fights that he is not in for PFL.”

“He is now exclusively on our platform to raise the profile of other fighters and other fights in the super fight division and in the league. Jake has more followers and more engagements than the UFC himself. ”

“So his ability to raise the brand of PFL and raise the engagement profile of fights he is not in is the biggest deal in the biggest news here. And it’s already taken effect.”

“The second piece of the deal is him as a fighter eating his own cooking. He’s made over $50 million in just three years and he’s saying, hey, the place I’m choosing in MMA is PFL.”

“This is the best platform and I’m going to be the first fighter to sign to this platform. So he is essentially saying, I’m going to eat my own cooking here. And now as a fighter, I think what he’s impressed everybody by whether you love him or hate him, whether you think he’s going to win or whether he’s going to lose, he does the work.”

“He does the work. He is not taking MMA lightly. So is he going to be ready this year? No. Is he already starting to work? Yes. Will he essentially evolve as a fighter?”

Davis went on to clarify he expects March 2024 debut for Paul:
” I think it’s most likely his first fight will be this time next year.”