Petroski shows massive cut that (scalped him) and ended UFC Atlantic City clash with Malkoun

The middleweight skirmish between Malkoun and Petroski on the preliminary card took a surprising turn, culminating in an abrupt halt in the second round. Petroski’s ill-fated takedown attempt left him disoriented and vulnerable.

The exact catalyst for his sudden downfall remained shrouded in ambiguity, even upon meticulous review, though speculation alludes to a collision with Malkoun’s hip.

Reflecting on the enigmatic culmination, Malkoun (8-3) shared his insights, noting, “I reckon my defensive maneuver during his takedown attempt might’ve stirred some discomfort. Hard to pinpoint, really.” Despite the ambiguity, Malkoun seized the moment, leveraging his opponent’s vulnerability to his advantage.

Addressing the media post-fight at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, Malkoun, a native of Australia, hinted at the repercussions of his actions, suggesting, “I sensed his vulnerability post-encounter. It’s a testament to my strength and strategic acumen.” Underplaying his physical prowess, Malkoun underscored his latent strength, drawing parallels to the resilience of a farmer.

Before the unforeseen denouement, the bout showcased a spirited exchange, a scenario Malkoun relishes. “I thrive in challenging environments,” he asserted. “While adversaries may exhibit initial vigor, I find my rhythm as the contest unfolds.”

Looking ahead, Malkoun is poised to ascend the UFC ranks. Confident in his abilities, he endeavors to cement his standing among the elite. “Continuous refinement remains my focal point,” he affirmed. “Adapting to the octagon’s exigencies is imperative for sustained excellence.”

While some speculated the stoppage was caused by the heel to the throat, the actual culprit seems to be a head clash into Malkoun’s hip.

Slow motion of the moment seems to support the conclusion that it was the hip clash that caused the stoppage.


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With prospective opportunities looming, Malkoun eyes a potential encounter in Perth, aligning with the UFC’s slated return in August. Expressing enthusiasm for the prospect, he underscored his readiness to confront novel adversities. “Perth presents an opportune battleground,” Malkoun remarked. “I’m primed to confront any forthcoming challenges.”