Personal trainer, 29, dies after overdosing on caffeine supplement

29 years old Thomas Mansfield, has recently passed away in Colwyn Bay, North Wales.

Thomas worked as a bodyguard and as a professional trainer and lived a healthy lifestyle filled with exercises and supplementation.

However, after ordering a 100g packet of caffeine powder to make supplement drinks, he accidentally made a drink with seven times the recommended dose. According to his widow, Suzannah Mansfield, her husband immediately began “clutching his chest on the sofa”, after drinking the caffeine mixture.

A post-mortem exam detected that Mr. Mansfield had 392mg of caffeine per liter of blood. Which is the equivalent of 200 cups of coffee. To put that into perspective, anything above 78mg of caffeine per liter can be considered a “lethal dosage”.

Thomas Mansfield’s medical cause of death was determined as ‘caffeine toxicity’ and his death was ruled as ‘misadventure’ by a coroner.

The instructed dosage of the powder is 60 to 300mg, but Mr. Mansfield’s digital scale had a starting weight of 2 grams. Mr. Mansfield drank about 5 grams of the powder.

The supplement powder comes from Blackburn Distributions, a regional supplement company. According to an inquest, the instructions and warnings on the packet were not in violation of any regulation, even though the company did not provide a measurement scoop within its packet.

According to his wife, Suzannah Mansfield, her husband frothing at the mouth just moments after drinking the solution. An ambulance was called and the paramedics attempted to use a defibrillator, due to Thomas’s abnormal heart rhythm.

He was rushed to the hospital after going into cardiac arrest but unfortunately was pronounced dead soon after.

Senior coroner John Gittins recorded Mr. Mansfield’s death as misadventure due to the unintended result of consuming the caffeine powder. He also stated that Blackburn Distributions reassured the coroner that the brand will provide a measuring scoop and a paper sheet containing detailed instructions.

The widow lamented the death of her husband on social media.

‘I’m missing you so much and trying so hard for the kids keep it together, I love you more than I could love anyone, I’ll always love you.’