Peloton competitor sponsoring Theo Von after woke boycott attempt

Renowned comedian and podcast host Theo Von recently made headlines following a sponsorship shift in the wake of a dispute with fitness equipment giant Peloton.

Last week, Von said in an interview with UFC CEO Dana White that he had received a request from Peloton to remove his interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. If he failed to do so, Peloton will terminate their sponsorship agreement.

Reacting strongly to Peloton’s demand, White vehemently expressed his discontent. He promised to remove all Peloton stationary bikes from the UFC Headquarters.

White stated: “Peloton, what do they sell stationary bikes? Peloton sells stationary bikes and they have a problem with Robert F’in Kennedy. F you Peloton, who the F are they? Are you kidding me?”

“Do we have Pelotons in the gym? We’re getting rid of them. We’re getting rid of the Pelotons. Pelotons are out of the gym.”

Dana White quickly made good on his pledge to swap out the Peloton bikes with Echelon in the aftermath of the dispute between Theo Von and Peloton. The new Echelon bikes were shown by White via an Instagram story in which he tagged comedian Theo Von.

White said: “People hit me up asking me if I really got rid of the Pelotons. What did I tell you? Pelotons are gone.. These are Echelon. Here we go Theo, we got the Echelon bikes now. See, who needs Peloton.”

Following the aftermath of Von’s revelation, Echelon also stepped in to sponsor Von. This deal was brokered by Dana White and marks a significant shift for Von’s podcast.

In an interview with Bussin With The Boys, White said: “Echelon called me up, they replaced the bikes (at UFC HQ), and they’re going to do a deal with Theo Von, and he can have Robert Kennedy Jr. or anybody F’ing else on his podcast because this is America and you can do whatever the F you want to do when you own your F’ing show.”