Paulo Costa uses social media stardom to promote meme competition with $2k prize

Paulo Costa has one of the most interesting social media personalities. He regularly weighs in on everything from  flat Earth to Dana White’s relationship with his mother.

Recently,  Costa used his Twitter account to promote the Marshall Rogan Inu cryptocurrency. The currency louds about helping fighters but at the same time fails to deliver on the price font. The currency peaked at 17 cents prior to UFC 272. $MRI sponsored every fighter on the card.

The price of the coin had since drastically reduced and now lingers around $0,013.

Costa’s meme contest promises the prize money will be divided among four winners. To enter, all you have to do is react to the announcement post with your greatest meme.

“Doing a meme competition with a $2000 giveaway split between 4 winners – all you have to do is post your best meme under this post, follow @marshallinu_ & subscribe to their YouTube where I will announce the winners on Thursday.”

Marshall Mae Rogan is the name of Joe Rogan’s golden retriever, for those who are unaware. While Rogan is often chastised for certain areas of his podcast and commentary, everyone adores the way he treats his family dog.

Marshall Rogan Inu (@marshallinu_) took the name of Rogan’s dog but is unaffiliated with him otherwise. In fact, he’s refused to even address the blatant publicity ploy.

Costa’s Twitter feed has been on a roll lately, and this challenge fits right in. His social media has gotten more unpredictable in recent weeks, with anything from memes to bizarre comments.

Costa is now on a two-fight losing streak in the Octagon. These are his first and only two losses in his career.

His first loss occurred in September 2020, when he was knocked out in the second round by Israel Adesanya. In his Octagon comeback this past October, he faced Marvin Vettori and lost by unanimous decision.