Paulo Costa challenges Paddy Pimblett to an ice cream eating challenge after their respective camps

Paulo Costa is developing an online friendship with Paddy Pimblett thanks to their mutual love of food. While Pimblett walks around 200lbs – he fights in the lightweight division at 155lbs and noticeably slims down during camps.

Costa has been having some sort of a crisis ever since he was defeated by Israel Adesanya. He’s since had two consecutive losses – to Marvin Vettori and to his weight cut. During the Vettori camp, Costa all but gave up on weight cutting and the Vettori bout ultimately happened at 205lbs.

Costa, who weighed in at 204.5 pounds, forfeited 20% of his purse. Vettori weighed in at 204 pounds.

Costa didn’t care much about the weight snafu after the fight saying:

“No, no, no way,” he said. “No, of course not, [I didn’t feel bad about that]. I came here and the UFC suggested to fight at a catchweight or 205, and I just said yes, let’s go. ”

“I don’t care for weight. This is a fair fight. Both guys made weight on the same day at the same limit, so what could be more fair than that?”

“The only problem is I lost this fight, so it will look like an excuse,” he said with a laugh. “I don’t have an excuse for anything. I did a good job there – Marvin as well.

“Congratulations to him, and to me, I think. But I had some problems to not come in here with my usual weight.”

Costa’s bicep injury reportedly caused issues.

Paddy Pimblett, on the other hand, is still successful at making weight.

Paddy Pimblett within a month of his UFC debut
Paddy Pimblett within a month of his UFC debut

Pimblett had previously vomited blood in the cage after a Cage Warriors fight and has since moved up a division.

 “Im inviting you mr
to a friendly ice cream eating competition after fights 🤩🥶 what do you think?”

“I can’t wait Paulo, we both make weight like kings then eat like a pair of kings” – Paddy replied.