Paul claims he rejected Mayweather rematch offer because boxer owes him millions

Logan Paul has claimed that the Mayweather begged to box him again despite owing Paul a large sum of money. In June 2021, Floyd Mayweather boxed for eight rounds with Logan Paul. The lucrative event is reported to have sold over one million pay-per-view tickets.

Since then, the two have had a falling out. Logan Paul alleged that Floyd has not paid him his due share.

Paul thinks that Mayweather owes him several million dollars. Recently, he put an end to thoughts of a rematch between the two.

On The True Geordie podcast, Paul remarked, “My guess is between $2 and $5 million, conservatively. This motherf*****.”

“He had the audacity to tell the media that I asked for a rematch. Let me just set the record straight. Why the f*** would I ask for a rematch from someone who doesn’t pay you for the fight?

“If I haven’t been paid for the first one, why on God’s green Earth would I ask you for a second fight knowing damn well that I’m probably not going to get paid the money that I’m owed for my work, you dumb a**.”

According to Paul, Mayweather’s management approached Paul for a rematch in Dubai. This happened before Mayweather had a match with his former sparring buddy Don Moore.

Paul said, “They asked us for a rematch. He was supposed to fight on top of the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, the seven-star hotel with the helipad on top – it would have been amazing.”

“I got called a month and a half ago because some s*** happened with his opponent. ‘Hey, would you wanna fight Floyd in a month and a half.’ Someone from his team [said]. I go, What? Bro, pay me for the first fight [puts the phone down].”

Paul claims he has learnt a vital business lesson after being duped out of a large sum of money in his desperation to share the ring with the legend, Floyd Mayweather.

Paul added, “Before you fight Floyd Mayweather, I’ll do whatever you f****** need, dude, tell me where to sign.”

“Now, I’m like, ‘Oh f***.’ Maybe we should have some sort of escrow account or an arbitrator or someone running the deal instead of Mayweather Promotions.”