Paddy Pimblett wants to be on UFC 282 card but can’t find an opponent

Paddy Pimblett is very memable and has managed to convert his stardom into a lucrative deal with Barstool sports – in fact majority of Pimblett’s earnings to this date come from his stardom as opposed to his professional career in sports.

Pimblett has had 3 opponents in the UFC – Rodrigo Vargas, Luigi Vendramini and Jordan Leavit. Two of his opponents were cut right after (and had had no bouts in UFC prior).

So naturally he’s having a hard time finding a suitable opponent.

“I know my next opponent isn’t going to be ranked because the division is that stacked. I know I’m going to have to win another three or four fights to get a ranked opponent so I’m not worrying, I’m just getting on with it.”


A lot of UFC talent is bitter about the fact that Paddy won’t be fast tracking his career.

Paddy was recently present at the Cage Warrior 144 broadcast where he explained what the delay was:

“that Dec. 10 (event). I’m just waiting for an opponent, lad. I’m just waiting for an opponent to step up and sign the dotted line. Everyone talks about ‘The Baddy.’ “

“When the contract is in front of them, they’re not as confident.”

“I don’t think there’s anyone ducking me,” Pimblett said.

“I don’t think anyone would duck me, because I don’t look very scary. My style, everyone looks at it, ‘I’ll beat him. I’ll beat him.’ I don’t think anyone would duck me, because I have the recognition, as you say, the following that they haven’t gotten. Everyone is going to try to beat me and steal the hype, but no one is going to do it.”


It’s hard to pinpoint any front runners for Paddy Pimblett bout.