Paddy Pimblett says he would finish both Logan and Jake Paul on the same night

UFC lightweight Paddy Pimblett recently addressed both Paul brothers out during an interview. Paddy Pimblett was singled out by Logan Paul previously due to the fact he’s a social media sensation in addition being a UFC athlete.

The host asked Paddy Pimblett,

“do you think Logan will ever come to UFC?”

Paddy replied straightforwardly with a No.

The host went on to ask, “They are both over like 20 pounds right, Jake, and they are both big.”

Paddy replied,” yeah, they’re big. I’d fight both of them at 185lbs on the same night. ”

“Both of them? Back to Back?” host inquired.

“That’s a pay per view,” the show’s host claimed. “Paddy the Baddy vs Paul Brothers at 185”, the host added.

“They can weigh whatever they want,” host prodded further.

“No, no they have to get weight down; it’s a fight,” the other host claimed.

Paddy replied, “It’s a fight. It won’t get sanctioned if they wont…”

“So fine, give them. Jake can get under; both can get.” the host said. Paddy replied, “so, get it to 185 over the week course, no b**ching.”

Pimblett was previously called out by Logan Paul on the MMA Hour:

“I think I might have him on my podcast and say to him straight up ‘I would like to fight you in the UFC’,” Paul said on The MMA Hour.

“He could get up to 185lb and I could get down to 185lb for a UFC match. It’s the only thing I don’t know if I would win, he is a good a** fighter and I have never had an MMA fight.

“If I am doing it obviously I think I am going to win. But now I am looking at it and if I do a UFC fight then I have to do it with someone else who can sell tickets. He is still relatively new and he is young and entertaining so I think the fans will eat that s*** up. There is too much going on at the moment but yeah.”

He went on to reply:

“I just started giggling [at Logan’s call out] because a couple of months ago he messaged me calling me a clout chaser. Who’s the clout chaser now son? Who’s clout chasing who? Everybody knows what I’d do to him.”

Paddy Pimblett is fresh off from an exciting submission victory against Jordan Leavitt at UFC London. He’s recently addressed his eating habits that are preventing him from competing in the cage more often in addition to adding that he’s targeting December 10th return to the cage.