Paddy Pimblett Roasts Chael Sonnen For Using Him As Clickbait and Denying It

Paddy Pimblett doesn’t pull punches. The UFC up and comer has been waging a media war against the American Gangster.  To rewind for a sec, Chael Sonnen seemed to be the source of a rumor that Pimblett is fighting a seasoned UFC veteran Donald Cowboy Cerrone.

This rumor has been debunked by Pimblett. But in process he started having a feud with Sonnen. Pimblett called out Sonnen for using him for clickbait. This is something that Sonnen vehemently denies.

“Is Paddy secretly one stupid son of a bi**h?” Sonnen said. “Paddy woke up, took stupid pills, and goes on Michael Bisping’s show. On Michael’s show, Paddy accuses me of using his name for clickbait… I’d never do it and I’m also irritated that Paddy thinks his name is big enough that I would clickbait him. That might sound arrogant but that’s the truth. It pissed me off…

“Three weeks ago, I was sitting with Cerrone. He asked me what weight Paddy is. I had beautiful things to say about him. As I’m having this conversation, Cowboy’s texting Sean Shelby saying does Paddy have an opponent. I asked him, ‘Can I talk about this? He said, ‘Yes.’ So that’s what we did.”

Pimblett responded:

“Obviously, I need to mention my guy, my manchild [Chael] Sonnen. I don’t know why he is so angry. Don’t know what got his panties in a twist. Because I haven’t even said nothing about him. Because ‘clickbait’ in the UK isn’t an offensive word. No, like the way I say it isn’t really offensive. In America ‘clickbait’ must be like f*** me. It was like I was Anderson Silva. He just started to go off on one video. But yeah, I have never said anything bad about Chael. Chael’s never messaged me to ask me if I actually am fighting ‘Cowboy’ or it’s been offered. Because it’s never been offered. No one from the UFC has contacted us with ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone. If they did, I’d bite their hands off for it.”

But in some cases it’s best to let the video speak for you. This is why Pimblett spliced Chael Sonnen next to Chael Sonnen of days past and finished the feud in style. 10-7 Paddy the Baddie.