Paddy Pimblett Looks Unrecognizable Just 2 Weeks After UFC Debut

Paddy Pimblett looks like he might be one of those cases of extreme weight cutting. The Liverpool phenom and former Cage warriors champion posted footage of himself where he looks unrecognizable.

As a reminder this is what Pimblett looked like on September 4th following his UFC debut:

And here’s what Paddy has looked like in the past few days:


Pimblett is just 26 years old. He recently addressed these transformations in an interview:

‘Years ago when I was 21 I let it all go to my head, thought I was better than I was, thought I was the best thing since sliced bread, thought I didn’t have to train.

‘But now I have just got fat for a week, I’ll be back in the gym on Monday, I’ve got my family, my fiancee around me and my gym family, that’s it.

‘I won’t let any bandwagon jumpers get on this time and coerce me into nights out just to help them. This is a selfish sport and I’m in this for me, simple as.’ – Pimblett told dailymail

Pimblett was given a six-month medical suspension following his last fight but should be back in action soon after his thumb heals up.

And in case you think it’s photshopped or an illusion you can check out some video: