Paddy Pimblett feared for his safety after Champions League final

Pimblett was in attendance for Liverpool’s Champions League final versus Real Madrid. While watching the match last weekend, he claimed he was concerned for his personal safety. Pimblett said that the build-up to the game had him shaken.

Liverpool was unable to retain the championship as a second-half strike from Vinicius Jr helped Real Madrid win the tournament for the 14th time. Thousands of supporters were unable to enter the Stade de France before the match, which unfortunately overshadowed the final match.

According to French police, close to 40,000 supporters entered the stadium before the event with either forged tickets or no tickets at all. The French police allegedly assaulted Liverpool supporters with tear gas and pepper spray as they left the stadium. No action was made to protect them.

Pimblett is an outspoken fan of Liverpool FC – he’s previously pointed attention to the ‘Justice for the 97’ debacle and defended the Liverpool fans after booing prince WIlliam.

Pimblett, who was present at the game, tweeted: “First time in a very long time I’ve actually been worried about my own safety & I can look after myself!”

“It’s different when there’s groups of 30 men running around wielding machetes robbing people at knife point and beating up defenseless old men.”

“Madrid and Liverpool fans are not to blame for anything on Saturday. These were the scenes as I left the ground.”

“In general fear you would be attacked by 20 men with weapons luckily enough we stayed in a pack and they didn’t come near us, just picked on vulnerable old men on their own.”

The British government has demanded a thorough investigation of the incident during the match. According to a spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, UEFA’s statements do not resonate with the firsthand experience of supporters who were in attendance.

French sports minister Amelie Oudea-Castera has apologized to Liverpool supporters who had valid tickets but were unable to enter the stadium. However, she also claims that many of the British fans came too late.

“We are extremely sorry for all those people whose experience has been wasted all that evening,” she expressed her regret.

“The people who have bought tickets and were unable to enter the match. This is why I have asked UEFA to work on the compensation system for 2,700 people – including British people – so that they can get compensation.”

“The late arrival at the stadium and around the stadium, difficulties in the transportation. Difficulties also to locate the British people who were a little bit everywhere around the stadium. I want to know where exactly they came from and how they arrived at the stadium.”