Paddy Pimblett accepts Jake Paul’s $1 million sparring challenge

Paddy Pimblett shared some startling accusations yesterday. Pimblett expressed his disbelief in Jake Paul’s boxing skills and questioned the authenticity of his Anderson Silva knock down.

On his social media on Tuesday, Jake Paul issued a challenge and offered Pimblett $1 million if he could defeat him in sparring. However, Paddy would have to join Paul’s United Fighters Association if Paul wins (UFA).

Jake said,

“I have a proposition for you. Since you don’t want to rig a fight, right? Let’s go sparring. Fly to Puerto Rico. I’ll get you a private jet. We can do five 3-minute rounds, boxing. If you win, I’ll give you a million dollars.”

“But, if I win, you have to join the United Fighters Association and help me sign up all the fighters in the UK. We’re going to train. Since you don’t want to rig a fight. One million for you. Put your money where your mouth is. Let’s go.”

He captioned the post:

“Dear Paddy Pimblett, you claim my fights are rigged? Stop calling the GOAT Anderson Silva a criminal and come spar me. You win, I give you $1 million. I win, you join the UFA.”

Pimblett responded with a resounding yes. He also declared his willingness to face Paul later this week in Las Vegas.

Pimblett spoke to TMZ Sports and said,

“Of course I’m interested, but I’m under contract with the UFC and Jake said this knowing full well I’m going to fight next week, you know what I mean?”

“Like I don’t know I’m going to fight next week and say, ‘I’ll fly you to Puerto Rico. Come to the PI next week. Come to the UFC Performance Institute next week and bring a million dollars in a bag and I’ll spar with you.'”

He added,

“I’m at the IP in Las Vegas on Thursday, I land on Thursday, so even though I’m low on calories and I’m only 5’10”, he likes to pick on smaller people anyway.”

“But, if he wants to wait until after my fight, until Monday, because I’m still in Vegas until Tuesday, but I’m about 185, 190 pounds. Tell him not to worry, he can come to PI and we can get in the cage. Simple as that.”