Oscar De La Hoya looks ripped again, at age 49

Oscar De La Hoya surprised his fans with a snap of his ripped physique on social media.

The 11-time world champion and Olympic gold medalist recently uploaded a video on social media. In the clip, he is shirtless and shadowboxing during a Christmas day sparring session.

The caption of the video read as follows:

“2023 is about peace and freedom. Changes in life are not easy when you decide you wanna better yourself. I’m getting ahead and working out my mind body and soul starting NOW!!! FYI I had to run to the restroom after my workout because I ate 9 TAMALES 😂😂”.

Fans were quick to notice how the “Golden Boy” looks in even better shape than when he was competing professionally.

De La Hoya last boxed in 2008, in a bout he lost to superstar Manny Pacquiao. Ever since, he has been active as a promoter with Golden Boy Promotions.

The iconic boxer also made headlines last year as he was set to box UFC legend, Vitor Belfort. However, the bout was canceled due to De La Hoya catching the coronavirus.

While in the hospital, he called out Floyd Mayweather Jr. for a rematch. This is when he was on his way toward recovery.

De La Hoya namedropped his old foe as a possible rival for a supposed comeback. He was even ready to offer up to 100 million dollars to make the bout happen.

Floyd was reportedly willing to take the box if De La Hoya actually had the money. However, nothing ever became of this.

De La Hoya also called out the boxing superstar and his former charge Canelo Alvarez to a boxing match last year. But this was also to no avail.

Considerint the number of athletes that are trying to harvest the power of TRT it wouldn’t surprise us if De la Hoya revealed he was also a fan.